Billion Dollar Brows Brow Tool Kit


Use the Best Brow Tool Kit to make sure your brows are groomed perfectly.


Brow Tweezers

No eyebrow grooming kit would be complete without tweezers. Now you can shape your brows so they always look polished with our stainless steel tweezers. They’re built with a slanted tip, so you’re able to grab the finest of hairs. They’re also covered in soft-touch material, so they’re easy and comfortable to hold onto while removing any stray hairs with precision.


Brow Scissors

Brow scissors are the best way to ensure you keep your eyebrows looking natural instead of gnarly. Their stainless steel, straight edge eyebrow trimming scissors will help you tame your brows, no matter what kind of brow makeup you’re going to use on them.


Eyebrow Brush

Their firm, angled eyebrow brush is easy to use, high-quality, and it provides you with the control you need. Plus, it does all of this while still looking beautiful alongside your other makeup tools!

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